Ex-Banker 64 Yr Old Odisha Man Clear NEET and Joins MBBS

A 64 Yr old Ex-Banker has cracked NEET exam and joins  MBBS for 1st yr class like thousand neet aspirant from the state .It is a remarkable incidenent and need it as a example that age is just a number not a remarks.

Jay Kishore Prodhanm ex banker from odisha who has cracked neet and enroll as a 1st yr student of medical studentcourse at the government-run Veer Surendra Sai Institute .Pradhan, whose ageless exploit is being described as a rare event in India’s medical education history, says he wants to serve people as long as he is alive.”It is one of the rare events in the history of medical education in the country. Pradhan has set an example by getting admission as a medical student at such an age,” VIMSAR Director Lalit Meher said.

Prodhan had applied for NEET which has not upper age limit and secured a good rank and qualified for VIMSAR and he wants to serve nation as a doctor as his ability.The recent death of one his twin daughters motivated him to sit for NEET and enrol for the MBBS course to become a doctor, the Bargarh resident said.

Prodha . who will be 70 at the time completion of his MBBS degree but he said that age is just a number and also said that he has no commercial intention and he wants to serve the people till his alive.


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